Looking back on this…

I am so fucking proud to say I finished this.

Now to just print in when I’m in college tomorrow and bam!

Looking at it now, this works better as a last page. HaHa!

Final Page done, now just the cover…

3rd page done! *phew* so much work, but so satisfying.

is all coming together.

Me, Candy-Mun, Azura discuss bionicle. (not safe for kiddies)

Me in Coding class: I fucking hate writing scripts.

Me in Film class: I fucking love writing scripts.

The one who runs the comedy blog, folks.

hey, just cause I like to focus in comedy doesn’t mean I don’t dabble in the dark arts.

We should kill children together some time we seem to be good at it



What you people don’t know is that Dewie in fact, DID die, and in her depressed and state of refusal, Heather created fictional Dewie in her head.

This is the Dewie that we see today, in fact all the goings on right now on H&D are just twisted versions of asks that Heather herself wants to believe. Everyone is actually screaming at her to come to terms with her loss, but her denial is refusing it.

It eventually comes to a climax where Jack attempts to snap her out of this funk, and it almost works before Heather takes one of his swords and slashes him, killing him instantly…

Heather then lives on in this twisted fantasy world of hers, from the confides of a mental institute.

Amusin’, Ask TheFormer Snorlax is blocked by school filters but AskSalamence is not.

You got some dodgy shit on there or somethin’ shelds. :P