As a RPer, Skittles wouldn’t be so much fun.

But i’m sure she’d make a fuk’n awesome dungeon master.

How many of us would Die in Skittles' RPs?

I like writing Skittles as the “GodMod.” I know it’s frowned upon, but that’s kinda the point…

So… she’d make everyone but her OC die, Toothless, TumTum, Roxy and the rest of ‘em would be sick of her trying to make up her own story to make her OC look cool and tell her to eff off.

She’d pack a sad, take her character sheets, get lost, and go back to writing Skittles x Alex’s Chompers fanfics.



What about an AU where our muses spend their days doing nothing but making OCs and RPing, except those OCs…

Are us.

I need to draw this.

  • Toothy making a crazy sableye OC called Bagel.
  • TumTum making an OC thats as old n’ lazy as him called Shelds.
  • Roxy making an artist OC called Yonder.
  • … and then they start shipping the frack out of ‘em…
  • oh god…
  • this was not a good idea.

An update on my drawing process.

Also spoilers for Team Terry.





you’re such a b**** (bagel)


why is ewan mcgregor saying that in front of a waterfall

Why not.

I hold this name with honour.

You tricked me with those screencaps. Here I thought you were working on your own independent game.


BattleBlock Theater is hella cool.

I actually have a spare copy for Steam if anyone ever took an interest in it.





Shelds, you’re pointing at Fef’s butt


I am Fef’s butt. 

omg no.

You have a hot robbit butt


Now have a crotch.


quit starring at botbutts dood.